Psychic, astrologer, and tarot card reader, Cindy Higginson has used her profound abilities professionally since 1986.

Cindy specializes in communication readings for those who have lost loved ones, individual psychic readings, readings at parties and events, and past life regression readings.

A guest on radio shows internationally, Cindy stuns listeners with her clairvoyance. She frequently assists local and state law enforcement to help solve murder, rape, and missing person cases. She is also booked as a speaker on a variety of topics, including the effect of karma and past life issues in the present life.

The youngest of nine children in small-town Pennsylvania, Cindy first noticed her clairvoyant abilities at age 3 during her Auntís funeral. While everyone mourned at the casket, Cindy saw her Aunt waving and smiling at her.

At age ten, her clairvoyant abilities developed: she knew simple things, like who was calling on the phone, but she also foresaw upcoming events in the lives of her friends and family. Her clairvoyance was not well-received, so she began to repress her abilities until her late-twenties. This repression caused severe migraines, which doctors treated with medication. The superficial solution left her sleepy and unable to take care of her three children. Diagnostic scans showed abnormal brain activity, but no signs of tumors. With no medical treatments left, a doctor suggested biofeedback, a relaxation technique that proved seminal for Cindy. Through biofeedback, she developed a healing, past life regression technique that enabled her to relax through guided imagery. Her psychic abilities resurfaced and her migraines suddenly disappeared. She began to see images and later realized the visions were of events yet to occur in the lives of those around her.

Cindy continued to develop her abilities and in 1986 she began to professionally read for people and developed a knowledge of tarot cards and astrology. She also attended a past life regression workshop hosted by Dr. Bryan Weiss and began to combine his training with her biofeedback and guided imagery experience.