"Cindy has been so genuine and giving, in her effort to restore harmony to the very sensitive subject of my parents passing on in tragic circumstances, many years ago. She has also guided me in safely and respectfully helping a disruptive spirit ensconced in my daughter's bedroom to move peacefully on. Her depth of foresight, wisdom and intuition has led her to the most pertinent issues in my life without me even needing to give any background information or lengthy explanations. Cindy is sincere, trustworthy and empathetic and I feel very fortunate and reassured that someone like her is out there to help people who have struggled to be understood or helped by conventional means. Rarely in life do you encounter such genuine and intuitive people as her. Thank you Cindy."

- Ewa Welters, Schoolteacher, UK

"Cindy is incredible! Her clairvoyant abilities are mind-blowing. She offers up details and nuance that are just so spot on. She has vibrant clarity into emotions, personalities, events and situations. She has helped me sort through relationships, personal issues, health concerns and she even predicted the specifics on the dog I was going to adopt! She is extremely empathic and shows great concern when offering guidance in readings. I highly recommend her - she's the real deal!"

- Lori, Consultant, NY, USA

"Cindy's abilities as a medium and psychic are Extraordinary ! The golden nuggets of information she provides both in my personal and professional life are astounding, her timings are impeccable. I have also had her facilitate a few past life regressions which have answered many questions and brought my life into greater focus. Thank you, I am ever grateful"

- Antoni Pyrea, Actor, Brooklyn, NYC

"Cindy is a remarkably empathic woman who really understands what your faith-based life path is. She has been a great help in being able to see and understand difficult situations clearly. I highly recommend speaking with her about love, work, lost loved ones & pets. She can read energy, spirits, guides, and your life's path really well!"

- Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley, CA

"WOW ! There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for Cindy's readings for me. She is quite simply an amazingly gifted medium. I recently lost my partner, was in a lot of pain because of unsorted issues. Through direct communication Cindy was able to bring peace to my heart and lessen my grief. Thank You !"

- Joanna, Dancer, London, UK